Production and Delivery of eBooks and Apps

We flow 150+ years of typesetting and print solutions into our ebook and digital edition publication processes. Things like clean fonts, text flow, image placement, layouts, and other “typical” print standards are provided in every digital product we create. With end-to-end publishing services, publishers achieve the depth of digital interactivity suitable for content and budget. We convert any input file to multiple digital outputs that incorporate industry standards and integrate with 3rd-party platforms (e.g., Inkling Habitat, etc.).


  • interactive Q&A
  • mathML
  • read aloud
  • fixed layout
  • rich media
  • focus view

File formats

  • PDF
  • KF8
  • Mobi
  • ePUB/ePUB3
  • iBooks Author
  • ePib

Following are some examples of features and functionalities we can help input into your publishing program.


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